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Sony, jikijitsu (Timekeeper), Sony 4K Displays and Projection. Production, Post-Production, Visual Effects. Currently showing at Sony's 4K theater at NAB.

Samsung, The Kicker, 3D Display (Global) Content.

Oprah Winfrey Network, Launch Loop: A 3RIVE Production. An intimate look at the upcoming hosts of OWN's flagship shows.

Undercover Boss Promos, Post-production.

The Amazon 3D Experience: A 3RIVE Production (co-produced with Red Earth Studio, UK) Commissioned wildlife documentary for SKY 3D, the world's first 3D network.

Gillette, World Cup Commercials.

Fly Panda - Face Drop. A three part music video/film hybrid

Fly Panda - Call me crazy. Music Video

Festival Immersion: A 3RIVE Production
A 3D travel show that highlights the best and most spectacular festivals in the world.

Divine Awakening, Phil Driscoll Live in Trier (3D Concert): Live concert shot in Germany's 2000-year-old Trier Cathedral.

Jackass 3D: Stereo Production Consulting. Spike Jonze, Producer

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